What is a Downtown Master Plan?

The Downtown Master Plan is the guiding policy document that contains the vision for the future of your downtown.  The Master Plan establishes the framework, strategies, and priorities for achieving the vision.  The Master Plan is based on a comprehensive analysis of the existing conditions, broad community and stakeholder engagement and feedback, coupled with national best practices in urban design, economic development, cultural and historic preservation, and urban planning.  Benchmark's Downtown Planning Team (DPT) is well-positioned to help prepare a Master Plan for your downtown.  Our DPT is led by Dan Douglas and Jason Epley, AICP.  Dan and Jason have helped create Downtown Master Plans in large urban centers and small towns across the southeast including Raleigh, NC; Chapel Hill, NC; Suffolk, VA; Myrtle Beach, SC; Rock Hill, SC; and Concord, NC; among others.  Contact us regarding any questions about creating a visionary Master Plan for your downtown.


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